How To Install a Hammer Spur on Your Marlin 336 .30-30

Posted By on October 26, 2008

If you install a scope on your Marlin 336 rifle, you will probably need to install the included hammer spur. The Marlin 336 comes with a hammer spur, and it’s really easy to install. If your Marlin rifle didn’t come with one, or if you lost your spur, just contact your local gun shop to order one for you.

Here is what came with my rifle:

Included Hammer Spur for Marlin 336

See the little red thing on the end of the allen wrench? That’s the screw that will hold your hammer spur in place. It does an OK job, but if you work the hammer a lot, you might need to re-tighten it. To install, you just slide the spur on the hammer as far as it will go. There are two little grooves on the side of hammer, so the spur will stop when it gets there. Do this next:

Tightening the hammer spur on Marlin 336

Just tighten it up nice and snug, and then remove the allen wrench. Simple. Make sure it’s tight, but not so tight that you break the allen wrench. Here’s what you get when you’re done:

Installed Marlin 336 hammer spur

Some things to keep in mind: You might not need it, and you might need to tighten it from time to time.

Remember, this spur might come loose. Just keep the allen wrench handy for re-tightening, or contact your gunsmith for some kind of firearm adhesive (locktite or similar…talk to a professional).

When I say that you might not need it, you’ll just have to look at you and your setup to see if you can do without it. I have a 50mm scope, so I have the tall scope mounts for the clearance. I also have average-sized thumbs. So there’s plenty of room to work the hammer without the spur. I’ve tried it several times, and it just works out. If there is any question about your ability to work the hammer, stick with the hammer spur. Don’t risk an accident!

The installation only takes a few second, so go ahead and put it on there. Besides it’s obvious benefit for scopes, the hammer spur will also help out when removing the action for cleaning. But I won’t show you that here. Next time I’ll write a little how-to article for stripping your Marlin 336 for cleaning. Don’t worry, that’s easy, too. Subscribe to the RSS feed or the email newsletter to get notice of it.


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