Podcast-Will America Survive September?- Todd Sepulveda

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Todd Sepulveda of  PrepperWebsite.com and PrepperChurch.com joins me today to talk about prophecies and secular indicators that are all pointing to a period of sever turmoil this September.



My new book, The Seven Step Survival Plan, which I co-wrote with David Kobler, AKA SouthernPrepper1 is now available. It’s a great blueprint for new preppers and it will help the old pros keep their plan balanced.



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In The Days of Noah, Book Two: Persecution, a globalist conspiracy transpires by way of a false flag attack against America’s energy infrastructure. The assault is blamed on patriots and Christians who are rounded up into detention centers across the country. Noah and his friends must take action to prepare for the meltdown and defend against the totalitarian regime which is gunning for their freedom, and quite possibly, their very lives. Get your copy of The Days of Noah, Book Two: Persecution for Kindle, Paperback or Audio edition at Amazon.com Today.

God bless and happy prepping!


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“UberCab” vs. Al Gore’ $90 Trillion Plan to Rid World of Cars: Uber CEO Asks Tesla for 500,000 Autonomous Cars in 2020; Peak Cars?

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A few days ago I received an email from yet another naysayer telling me that I was wrong about self-driving cars and we would not see them in his lifetime.

I don't recall precisely how I answered, but it was along the lines of "Are you planning on dying in five years?"

"UberCab" Coming

Today I received an email from Richard, a more enlightened reader who writes ...
Hello Mish,

Your predictions for self-driving cars and trucks seems to be on track. Looks like interesting times ahead as interest builds.

Uber CEO Wants 500,000 Autonomous Cars In 2020

Richard emailed a link to the Green Car Reports article Uber CEO To Tesla: Sell Me Half A Million Autonomous Electric Cars In 2020.
Tesla Motors is one of several automakers planning to put a self-driving car on sale sometime in the next few years, and it already seems to have at least one big fan.

This person isn't a celebrity owner or safety advocate, but rather the CEO of preeminent ride-sharing company Uber.

If Tesla can build a fully-autonomous car by 2020, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick says his company would it. In fact, he'd buy every one Tesla builds.

Yes, all 500,000 electric cars Tesla expects to produce in that year, according to Forbes (via Charged EVs).

That boast comes not directly from Kalanick himself, but from Steve Jurvetson--an early Tesla investor and board member.

Jurvetson relayed what he claimed were Kalanick's remarks at the recent Top 10 Tech Trends dinner, hosted by the Churchill Club.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously said he expects the company to build 500,000 cars per year by 2020.

That prediction was reconfirmed by Tesla chief technical officer JB Straubel at a conference in Washington, D.C. last month.
Fact or Fantasy?

Green Car Reports linked to a Forbes article in which Five Top VCs Predict The Future.

The CEOs were Jenny Lee of GGV Capital, Steve Jurvetson of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Rebecca Lynn of Canvas Venture Fund, Bill Gurley of Benchmark Partners and Shervin Pishevar of Sherpa Ventures.

Two of the 10 CEO  predictions were about cars.
5. End of the Auto Nation - Bill Gurley

The U.S. designed cities around individual car ownership, and the result has been inefficiency, deaths and pollution. U.S. cars are on average idle 96% of the time, which is about $15 trillion in capital assets not used, said Gurley, an Uber investor.

Gurley: “We may have hit what’s called peak car. Kids aren’t showing up on their 16th birthday to get a driver’s license. The smartphone is more of a social status than a car is.”

9. Rise of Robocars (the audience-voted winner of the night) - Steve Jurvetson

Jurvetson: “For those of us who have a chance to be in one, you’ll never go back. I believe they are already safer than my parents.” Initially they will run at speeds of 25 mph or less in urban settings, he said.

Jurvetson said Uber CEO Travis Kalanick told him that if Tesla cars are autonomous by 2020, Kalanick wants to buy all 500,000 that are expected to be produced.
Fact or Fantasy?

Whether or not Tesla builds a half-million self-driving cars for Uber is not the point. Nor is a precise date of 2020 important.

What's important is the trend. And that trend is both fast and unmistakable. Self-driving cars are coming, far sooner than most predictions suggest. And they will be far safer, with more features.

Drivers Not Wanted

The need for taxi driver, limo drivers, bus drivers, train drivers, and long-haul truck drivers will nearly vanish within 10 years, and five or six would not surprise me at all.

The pace of technological advancement is breathtaking.

Uber Banned

As an important side note, Uber is banned in so many places I lost track. At one point I was accumulating all the places the company was banned.

BusinessInsider reports Here's Everywhere Uber is Banned Around the World, then goes on to ask "Will Uber's $40 billion valuation be enough to cover its legal fees?"

That map and valuation is as of April 8, 2015. Since then it has been banned in more places.

Here is a link to a Google search for "Uber Banned".

As is often the case, France is on the forefront of idiotic reactions to technology to preserve over-paying and the French way of life.

Uber in France

Two days ago ComputerWorld reported Uber throws in the towel in battle with French taxi drivers.
Uber Technologies is suspending its UberPop service in France, after a bitter fight with taxi drivers who say the service breaks the law.

The company plans to remove access to UberPop from its mobile app in France from 8 p.m. local time Friday, it said in a blog post.

Uber has been disrupting transportation markets around the world -- nowhere more so than in Paris, where taxi drivers recently blocked highways and airport entrances with burning tires in protest at the company's behavior. The protests also reportedly included attacks on Uber drivers, their vehicles and passengers. The taxi drivers are angry because, they say, UberPop breaches a new law on hiring vehicles with a driver that entered effect on Jan. 1.
The Market, Not Politicians, Rule

Inquiring minds may be wondering "How can Uber exist with political forces aligned against it?"

The answer is simple: Uber provides a service that millions of people want!

I receive emails all the time about Uber being banned, about drivers being unresponsive, about drivers not knowing where they are going, and of course about the idiotic reactions in France.

But as long as people want Uber, it will not go away. And by 2020 (more or less), there will not be any discourteous Uber drivers, bad drivers, or unresponsive drivers because there will not be any Uber drivers at all.

Al Gore to the rescue, NOT.

Al Gore's $90 Trillion Plan to Rid Cities of Cars

As preposterous as it may seem, Al Gore has a Plan to Spend $90 Trillion to Get Rid of Cars in Cities.

"Former Vice President Al Gore and Mexican President Felipe Calderon proposed a $90 trillion plan to redesign every city on earth so that motor vehicles would become obsolete due to more dense populations."

Never underestimate the stupidity of politicians and their ridiculously expensive solutions to non-problems that the free market will take care of on its own.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

From the Desk of John Rourke – July 8th, 2015

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I guess the times are getting to me or maybe I am “waking up” more. My opinions on this world, this country and the people in it and running it are degrading over time. They are getting darker. I believe in the greatness this country once held and the many Patriots that live here. What I once brushed aside as conspiratory I now look at as possible and sometimes very likely.

The ignorant and the evil is what really gets to me. All I have to do is take a trip to my local grocery store to see the ignorant dregs of society. Lines of the entitled buying groceries with my money and your money and often with the belief it is THEIR money.

After that I see people who actually are blaming Republicans for the death of the women killed by the 5 time deported man in California. The facts are that BOTH parties are responsible for the lack of border security.

Did you know the United States gave $440 million dollars to Russia in 2014? How about $447 million to Palestinian territories? What about over 1 billion dollars to Pakistan that allowed Bin Laden to hold up for years?

Meanwhile the VA struggles to provide the proper care to our soldiers and many in the military purchase their own body armor and optics.

Aaaarrrggghhhhh!! There is a reset coming. When? That is the big question.

? ? ? ? ?

“The absence of a police state is that people are free, and if you don’t commit crimes you can do what you want. But today, you can’t open up a business, you can’t develop land, you can’t go to the bank, you can’t go to the doctor without the government knowing what you’re doing. They talk about medical privacy, that’s gone. Financial privacy, that’s gone. The right to own property, that’s essentially gone. So you have to get permission from the government for almost everything. And if that is the definition of a police state, that you can’t do anything unless the government gives you permission, we’re well on our way.  – – – Ron Paul”
? Mark Goodwin, The Days of Noah: Book One: Conspiracy

? ? ? ? ?

Working out yesterday I had a terrible muscle spasm in my back. Very debilitating. Getting better. Went to Crossfit and did on some trigger point work to get the muscle to relax. Hopefully I can avoid having to get another trigger point injection.

? ? ? ? ?

Halfway through the week. Hope everyone is doing well.




Long Range Made Easy with Nikon’s ProStaff 5 Custom XR

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Nikon has taken a different approach to solving the challenge of quickly finding the right scope adjustments for a given cartridge and rifle combination. Rather than forcing the shooter to use an “average” ammo load and hoping performance from their specific rifle matches the ballistic drop reticle, they’ll customize a scope for you, your rifle, and the exact type of ammunition you like to shoot. Read our review.

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What meds would you want in your personal SHTF pharmacy?

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This post was originally published HERE in ModernSurvivalOnline. 


DISCLAIMER: Always consult a medical doctor before using any new medications, prescription or not. This information is intended to be used as a general guide of what types of medications would be most useful in a post-societal breakdown situation where there is no formal access to medical care, and you are forced to become your own doctor. In no way is this information intended to be formal medical advice, ergo I take no responsibility for what you do with this information after you read it – this does not substitute for medical school!


I was once asked what five drugs I’d want to have with me on a desert island if those and only those. At the time I wasn’t experienced enough in clinical practice to intelligently answer this question, but now reflecting back on this question I think I can come up with a half decent list.


My Top Five Medications:


1. Antidiarrheal such as Loperamide: In the event that your water purification system fails or is expended, water-borne disease will be a real life threatening problem. It’s important to be cautious with use of any antidiarrheal because it has the potential to cause a rare but serious complication of causing the intestines to be paralyzed. Also, be very cautious using this medication when there is blood in the stool because it can be a sign of a bacterial source (such as Shigella), which sheds a toxin that, in theory, if is kept in the intestines longer by promoting decreased bowel movements, will actually cause a longer duration of diarrhea, and hence more total water losses. If the diarrhea sticks around for more than a few days, it’s prudent to start an antibiotic such as levofloxacin or azithromycin.


2. Antiemetic such as Zofran ODT or Phenergan: Our largest amount of potential water loss is not in urine – it’s in secretions from our GI tract. Luckily our colon when disease-free is efficient and absorbs most of these secretions before they can escape. However, if we’re suffering from some viral illness that’s causing us to vomit, all of the stomach and intestinal secretions will be lost because they never get a chance to reach the colon, hence my choice of an antiemetic for the same reason as the antidiarrheal – just preventing losses from the opposite end. The first line of trying to keep vomiting minimal is diet modification: dry bland foods such as crackers, rice, bananas, toast, in addition to very small portions or sips of electrolyte replacement solutions such as pedialyte or a homemade solution (1L of water + 6 teaspoons sugar + ½ teaspoon salt, better to make a little more diluted than more concentrated which can be more harm than good). But when dry heaving prevents anything from staying down, I prefer using zofran oral dissolvable tablets (ODT) which can be absorbed under the tongue, eliminating the need to swallow and keep it down for it to be absorbed. Phenergan is also a very good option if you can keep down a pill.


3. Antihistamine such as Benedryl: Great for multiple scenarios. One it’s great for allergic reactions, insect stings, bites, swelling, whatever type of thing activates an immune response it usually does the trick. It’s also used to help with sedation (which in a SHTF scenario, may prove very useful when trying to calm down enough to get some much needed sleep). It can also be used to treat vertigo.


4. Antiinflammatory such as Aleve: This is a no brainer. You’ve got so many potential uses for an NSAID such as this. It’s great as a mild-moderate pain reliever. It can be used to treat sore throats, arthritis, injury pain, and fevers. The reason I chose Aleve instead of Ibuprofen or Tylenol is that you only need to take this once every 12h. The only real downfall of this medication is that since it’s more potent, it is more prone to cause stomach ulcers with prolonged use, and you need to take food with it to minimize that risk. Now when it comes to medications that kids use I’m assuming you always have children’s tylenol or motrin on-hand already. Just remember tylenol is the best for any age, but ibuprofen (motrin) can only be used if the child is 6 months of age or older. Also, in pregnant patients, you only want to use tylenol.


5. Antibiotic such as Levofloxacin or Azithromycin: This is a difficult one, but if I had to chose ONE antibiotic for adults it would be Levofloxacin (Levaquin) for it’s versatility and power. It can treat anything from pneumonia, skin infections, intra-abdominal infections, bacterial diarrhea, urinary-tract infections, to anthrax (if god forbid it came down to biological terrorism). It’s a potent drug, and usually is quite safe to use but like any drug has some side effects to watch out for being renal dysfunction (common) and tendon rupture (rare). Azithromycin is an excellent choice as well since it can be used for strep throat, pneumonia, ear infections, mild skin infections, or sexually-transmitted infections. A great strength of this drug is that it usually only requires a few days of treatment (3-5 days), meaning you can store a lot of this and then only need to give someone 3-5 pills to treat their infection, not exhausting your supply. Other antibiotics like amoxicillin is dosed 3 times a day for 10 days (30 pills) which is about 10 times more that you need to store.


Runners up include the following:

1. Prednisone (excellent for any type of respiratory exacerbation related to asthma or emphysema. Epi-pen (especially if you or your family members have any type of severe allergy).

2. Albuterol (easy to store up since most docs will give you refills on this, and remember that even if you have young children, an inhaler is just as effective as a nebulizer, and as long as you get a spacer for the inhaler, you can store extra albuterol inhaler refills much easier and they last longer than the ampules of liquid albuterol.

3. Narcotic such as Vicodin, norco, or percocet that may be useful for an injured person that requires good pain control for a repair or relocation of dislocated limb, reduction of fracture, etc.

4. Ativan – same reason as the narcotic, but to help calm down in a very stressful situation, or to help sleep if the Benadryl does not cut it.


***Note: if you have a family member that is dependent on certain medications for chronic use (insulin, blood pressure meds, anticoagulants) then this is obviously a backup storage priority, and hopefully your doc understands the need to store these for emergency sake.


Lastly, my take on fish antibiotics is this:

If you have the ability to stock something up that is *nearly* the name (and sometimes identical) to the human analog, and were unable to acquire a comfortable amount of “human-grade” antibiotics, wouldn’t you want to be able to have SOMETHING to treat your son with when they started to develop a skin infection after hurting himself playing outside, or when your wife contracted bacterial diarrhea from drinking a contaminated water source?


Hence my opinion on that is pretty clear – in a SHTF world, where a simple infection may mean the difference between life and death unless you have the proper antibiotic to treat the infection, the risk of surely dying outweighs the risk of using antibiotics intended for aquatic use, and if I had the option of using them or watching helplessly as my family died, I would definitely use those “aquatic” antibiotics if our society broke down and access to medical care was non-existent.



Good luck with the preps and thanks for reading!

-Doc Morgan